New York Angels Pageant System

A Pageant for individuals with special needs from new born to 105

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to present a very real and unique opportunity to change the lives of others for the better/make a difference in the lives of people with disabilities. 

We are excited to present our plans for the Empowerment Expo, and with your help we can bring about greater awareness of this cause. 

It is vitally important to host an event like this provides information and resources to individuals with disabilities and their families in the tri-state therefore we are asking for much-needed help.

 When it comes to the Intellectually and Developmentally Disabled Population, New York State is moving more and more into Self-Direction. This means less group homes being open, more people opting to live at home or independently and truly exploring what they want for their lives. If they are eligible the state gives the funds to the individual rather then and agency to do anything from assist with hiring their own staff, inclusive recreation and housing. Many people in Tri-State area do not know a program like this exist. 

For those who are Self-Directed this essentially makes the individual and or family members the boss. That can be overwhelming. Where do you find guidance? Where are the inclusive recreation activities? What you do when your love one is struggling with behavioral issues? How do you find a job coach? Where do you go to learn about your rights and how to speak up for yourself?

Infinite Possibilities of New York and Infinite Possibilities Empowerment Center was started to empower people with disabilities through Self-Direction, Self-Advocacy, Education and Socialization. We provide workshops to self-advocates, families and staff. We provide consultation for families and individuals looking to explore Self-Direction. Our biggest program New York Angels Pageant Ambassador Program where we "Celebrate Abilities". This is a pageant open to people with disabilities to showcase what they can do and not on limitations. 

When we talk to the people we serve about how they can be better supported the number one issue is not having access to all the resources they need in order to get to the next level.

Empowerment Expo would provide an exhibition of disability resources in one event in Long Island. We will have exhibitors categorized in the areas of 

  • Self-Direction

  • Self-Advocacy

  • Employment

  • Family Empowerment

  • Adaptive Technology

  • Transportation

  • Transitioning

  • Recreation 

In addition, Guest Speakers from every category will fill the day with workshops.

The disability field is forever evolving and changing while many families are unaware of what is out there for them. Together we can bring Long Island and the surrounding boroughs of NYC to the next level. 

Empowerment Expo and New York Angel Pageant Registration