New York Angels Pageant System

A Pageant for individuals with special needs from new born to 105

Outfit of Choice

Outfit of Choice is an outfit the represents your personality.  For example your outfit can be anything:


sports teams

favorite movies

favorite musicians

 or just something that when you wear it always makes you feel good.

Talent Showcase

Talent Showcase is OPTIONAL. If you can sing, act, dance, recite poetry, play instruments, perform magic or impersonations this is for you.  The list is endless. But don't feel pressured because it is OPTIONAL.

Evening Wear

Evening Wear can be for the ladies a gown, cocktail dress any dress they would wear to a party or celebration. For the men evening wear can be a suit, button down shirt, slacks anything that they would wear to a party or celebration.



Coronation comes directly after you take your walk in Evening Wear. EVERY PARTICIPANT will be crowned a NEW YORK ANGEL AMBASSADOR. Additional gifts are given for those who perform Talent. 

What happens next?!?!

Making Appearances

The pageant community as a whole is a very inclusive one. It is a sisterhood/brotherhood of pageants that span across age, race, gender, size, and ability. Our mission at New York Angels Pageant is to empower individuals who are differently-abled to be role models in their communities, and break the stereotypes that so often become labels in the special needs community.

We encourage our Ambassadors to make appearances at events, festivals, fundraisers, day programs and share their experiences at New York Angels. 

The following year we will present a special award to those individuals who make the most effort to outreach in the community.